Our story

Welcome to the St. Andrew church of Christ in Kingston, Jamaica.

The St. Andrew Church of Christ was started in 1987, and has been in continuous, non-interrupted existence for 30 years.?? The congregation is affiliated with the Churches of Christ in Jamaica, the Caribbean, the USA and the United Kingdom.

The St. Andrew Church of Christ has an active core membership of over 45 members, and has average attendance to worship services of over 70.?? We are a vibrant and growing congregation, with a stable history of consistent and dedicated service, funded by the giving of the members.?? St. Andrew congregation has also supported the work in other congregations in rural Jamaica.

Core values



To evangelize, spreading God???s word, love and hope of salvation, while impacting lives in a practical and meaningful way.
  • To worship God and to draw those we come in contact with into a meaningful relationship with Him;
  • To grow the church, establishing a footprint in the Red Hills Road and surrounding communities;
  • To educate members and visitors for spiritual, emotional, psychological and career growth;
  • To meet the physical needs of persons in the surrounding communities through benevolent activities;
  • To establish name-recognition in the surrounding communities and nationally; and
  • To have an active children???s and youth ministry, supporting schools in surrounding communities through benevolence, counseling and mentorship.

Our staff

Organizational Structure

Welcome to the St. Andrew church of Christ in Kingston, Jamaica.

As a matter of faith, we believe that our congregation is ultimately headed by Christ. This is important due to its scriptural precedence and also this reduces the undue influence of any one person or groups of people, thus contributing to our stability over the years. Our Evangelist is Alphonso Grennell. (He is the founder and Managing Director of Grennell???s Driving School, which has been in operation since 1999) The work of the church is accomplished through various Ministries/Committees, each of which has a leader and working committees. In this way, involvement and active participation is spread. The Ministries/Committees include, inter alia:

  • Evangelism
  • Benevolence
  • Education
  • The Melrose Primary and All-Age Breakfast and Devotion Programme
  • Youth Ministry
  • Ladies Ministry
  • Finance

Come worship with us!

  • Service TimesSunday
    9:00am Morning Worship 11:00am Bible Class

    6:30pm Mid-week Bible Class

  • Address77 Red Hills Road
    Kingston 20